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When you stand inside Bradford's Antiques new warehouse location you are surrounded by more than 150 years of American history. It's not just the 2,200 sq. ft. showroom housing one of the largest collections of Victorian and turn-of-the-century furniture in the country.


Establishing One of the Country's Finest Collections

A few antique shops may have a piece or two of what you will find at Bradford's Antiques. Most won't have any. Just having money won't necessarily put together a collection like you will find at Bradford's Antiques. It takes a true love for the furniture itself and a love for the hunt.


For Brad Charles it began in the mid-1970's. While visiting in Sedona, Arizona, Brad assisted a friend in his antique and pottery business. When the friend asked Brad to deliver a load of antique furniture to California, Brad was hooked. According to Brad, " I got totally immersed in the project. Somewhere between loading the truck of furniture, caring for it, and delivering it to California the gears clicked and antique furniture has been my life ever since. I even bought some of the furniture I took to California."


Brad is much more than a dealer or collector. Brad enjoys working with the furniture to bring back its original look, feel, and quality - it's luster, through refinishing and repair. For more than 30 years, Brad's retail efforts were limited to a small store in his furniture repair and refinishing business. After moving his operation to Liberty from California in the early 1990's, Brad continued his antique furniture business from a storefront repair and refinishing business. That business is now recognized across the country as a leader in the repair and restoration of fine antique furniture. The refinishing and restoration store - The Woodstripper - is now in its own building and Bradford's Antiques is 1 mile east of downtown Liberty on "H" Highway. Bradford's Antiques has a spacious showroom which is ideal for displaying the high quality antiques and collectibles for which Bradford's is known.


Bradford's Antiques specializes solely in American furniture from the Victorian to turn-of-the-century era. "I prefer to collect and restore antiques that were hand-made before the Industrial Revolution. We take a minimalist approach to restoring and refinishing furniture. We don't look for things to change, we specialize in bringing pieces back to their original splendor in both design and the beauty of the wood," said Brad.


For visitors to the store or website, Bradford's offers more than just furniture. There are other galleries that include a large collection of glassware, art pottery, lighting and other American collectibles from the Victorian era. Bradford's offers a variety of phonographs and graphopones as well. They are all functioning and in excellent condition. You are able to view a large part of the inventory for these galleries on this site as well.

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