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Seeburg "Bandshell" HF100R Jukebox, circa 1954

Seeburg "Bandshell" HF100R

  • Circa 1954
  • This 1954 model was based upon the 1949 model M100A which revolutionized the jukebox industry. Model M100A was the first jukebox to offer 100 selections.
  • The HF stands for high fidelity,utilizing the newly offered 45 rpm records. Unlike the wood and light-up plastics of the 1940's Seeburg followed automotive trends relying on chrome and glass. This was a new era for jukeboxes which today collectors refer to as the "Silver Age".
  • Nickname "The Bandshell".
  • It is the first Seeburg to features 5 speakers and it sounds great!  Be sure to watch the video below!
  • One of the most sought-after of all the 50’s jukeboxes
  • The 100R accepts nickels, dimes and quarters: a nickel for one selection, a dime for 2 and a quarter for 6 plays
  • Amp, Selector, and 5 speakers all restored.
  • Completely Recapped - Amplifier, Control Center and Mehanism
  • Case Restored and Polished - has Original Nickel with some minor imperfections
  • 50 All New Records - 100 Selections with New Title Strips - $250 Value

Height:  59"
Width:   36"
Depth:  27"

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