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Caille Bros. 10c Oak Turn of the Century Cail-O-Scope

Item co4-15-13c  SOLD

  • Circa Early 1900's
  • Made by Caille Bros. Co.
  • Original Marquee and Frame
  • Beautiful Quartersawn Oak
  • Stereo Views - One View for Each Eye
  • Unusual Dime Machine - Upgraded with a Motor.
      Movie Runs as Soon as Dime is Inserted in the Slot
  • Contains Framed Photos Revolving Past a Lens
      on Wheel Driven by Clockwork Motor
  • Photos are of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Damage
  • Caille Brothers Invented and Patented Coin-Slot Devices
  • Caille Brothers Operated in Detroit Starting in 1895. This was
      the Largest Plant in the World Manufacturing Coin Controlled Machines
  • The CB Emblem Appears in Nickel Plated Legs and Embellishments
  • Complete with Key and Working Locks
  • Extremely Intricate Design in Nickel Plated Cast Iron in Super Condition
  • Cleaned and Restored at The Woodstripper in Liberty, MO
  • This is a Must-Have for Coin Op Enthusiasts

    Height: 70"
    Width: 20"
    Depth: 17"

Item co4-15-13c   Price: $5,500

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