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Early Cast Iron Clam Shell 1c Mutoscope
Item co11-8-12a  SOLD
  • Early Coin-Op Floor Model Cast Iron Clam Shell Mutoscope View Machine
  • Circa 1900 by American Mutoscope and Biograph Co. New York
  • Floor Model S/N 4264
  • Period Reel and Marquee Entitled "Too Many Kisses"
  • Original Plate on Front with Manufacturer Name and Serial Number
  • "Missouri" Plate is Above Manufacturer Plate
  • Restored with Beautiful Repaint
  • Original Reel  in Great Condition
  • Works Well!
  • Lions and Foliate Designs with Fleur de Lis Ornamentation
  • Large Clam Shells in Gold on Sides
  • Original Interior
  • Complete with Locks and Keys
  • Very Impressive Early Coin-Op Machine!
  • Very Collectible and Rare to Find in Such Good Condition

    Height: 81"
    Width: 18"
    Depth: 20" with Crank

Item co11-8-12a Price: $10,500 


The first patent on the Mutoscope was issued in 1895. The inventor was Herman Casler of Oneonta, New York. He worked at C.E. Lipe Machine Shop in Syracuse, NY where the first prototype was built. There was some controversy about whose idea the Mutoscope was originally as an associate of Edison stated that the idea was his. Eventually Casler and this person - W.K.L Dickson, were joined by some other people and they formed what became the American Mutoscope Company and then later the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company located in New York City. The camera was called the Mutograph and the projector was called the Biograph. This was the forefather to motion pictures, and was forgotten when people started viewing motions pictures.

Card-flipping thumb books had been used for years, but the circular card reel was a new invention. The time it took for one rotation was about one minute. This was the same length of a standard thirty foot film by the cameras of the time. The Mutoscope reels were produced from 1897 to 1907. In that time more than 4,000 titles and 100,000 reels were printed. There are only about 500 existing today. Be one of the few to own this great piece of history today!

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