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Gottlieb Strength or Grip Tester

Item co4-16-14a - SOLD

  • Circa 1946
  • "Improved Deluxe Grip Scale, Counter Athletic Machine"
  • Takes Pennies
  • Tests Strength in 3 Different Ways:
      Squeezing the Grip Shows Strength
      Pushing the Grips Together or
      Pulling the Grips Apart Shows Arm Strength
  • High Scores Ring a Bell and the Results are Saved
      on the Dial Until Reset by Button on Top
  • Separate Charts for Men and Women Showing What a Strength Should be for That Age
  • The Grip or Strength Tester was the First Coin-Op Machine Manufactured by Gottlieb,
      He Considered Them the Cornerstone of His 60+ Year Business
  • Gottlieb Continued to Manufacture These Grip Testers Through the Entire Length of the Business
  • All Original
  • Works Great!

    Height: 13"
    Width: 9"
    Depth: 14.5"

Item co4-16-14a   SOLD

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