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Hastings Co. 60" Ribbon Stripe Mahogany Dining Table
Item fm1-28-0a SOLD
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  • Circa 1890's
  • Best of the Best Top of the Line Hastings Table
  • Massive 60 Inch Table with 5 Original Skirted Leaves
  • Huge Pedestal with Lions and Claw Feet
  • Tons of Leaf and Vine Style Carvings with Textured Background
  • Notice the Rope Twist on the Bottom of the Base
  • Solid Ribbon Stripe Mahogany Throughout
    It is Hard to Picture and Convey the Size of this Pedestal
  • It is the Largest Pedestal I have Seen
  • Not only is it the Largest But it is The Best Carved!
  • Original Floating Center Leg
  • Rock Solid Top to Bottom
  • Opens And Closes Easily on the Five Recessed Wooden Casters

Height: 30 inches
Diameter: 60 inches
Length: 10 Feet with all Five Leaves

Top of the Line Hastings Mfg Co. 60 Inch Diameter Ribbon Stripe
Mahogany Dining Table with Five Original Leaves

Item fm1-28-0a    Price $14,500

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