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Mahogany Columbia BD "Majestic" Disc Graphophone with Mahogany Speartip Horn



Mahogany Columbia BD "Majestic" Disc Graphophone with Mahogany Speartip Horn

  • Early BD Model, Circa 1906
  • Nicknamed "The Majestic"
  • First Retailed in 1905 for $100!
  • Gorgeous Curved Deco Mahogany Cabinet
  • Features Same Cabinet Style and Massive Triple-Spring Motor as Contemporary Front-Mounted Columbia AR -
  • Later BD Models from 1910 On Only Had Two-Spring Motors
  • Massive Turntable Can Play Multiple Record Sizes
  • Low Profile Volume and Speed Control Next to Crank
  • Original and Very Rare Mahogany Speartip Horn
  • Detachable Rear Bracket Supports Tone Arm and Beautiful Mahogany Speartip Horn
  • This Machine and Horn is Incredibly Rare - A Collector's Dream!

Case Height: 9 inches
Case Width: 15 inches
Case Depth: 15 inches

Horn Lenght: 24 inches
Horn Diameter: 14 inches


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