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Mills Target Practice Penny Drop Trade Stimulator

Mills Target Practice Penny Drop Trade Stimulator

  • Circa 1926
  • This is A Trade Stimulator in Which the Bartender or Vendor
  •    Would Pay Out "In Trade" 5c, 10c and 25c on "1", "2" and "5" Respectively
  • Put a Penny in the Slot and Flick the Penny
  • Pennies Falling in "G" Slots Win Gum
  • Made of Forged Aluminum
  • Roman Olympian Theme
  • Glass Front, Wood Back Board, and Interior Wood Board
  • Painted Letters and Numbers at Bottom
  • Ornate Design All Around
  • Complete with Keys That Work Perfectly
  • All Parts Functioning Well
  • The Triangle Shaped Paper Inside Says
  •   "A Game of Skill - Is Not Gambling" and Gives the Payouts
  • Excellent Original Condition and Great Fun!

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