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Ribbon Stripe Mahogany Victorian Bed
Item fm9-26-7b SOLD

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  • Circa 1880's
  • The Most Incredible American Victorian Mahogany Bed to come down the Pike in many Years
  • Massive Shell Motif Crowns on the Headboard and the Footboard
  • Giant Finials on the Headboard, over 12" Tall
  • Notice how the Finials on the Footboard match the Tops of the Headboard Finials
  • Reverse Shell Motif on the Second Headboard Panel (This Panel and the Crown are Detachable for ease of transportation.)
  • Notice how the Top Half of the Footboard Exactly Matches the top of the Headboard
  • The Bottom Section of the Footboard is heavily Carved as well and Ties into the Bedrails.
  • The BEDRAILS are the Largest Most Ornate I have Ever Seen! They measure 17 inches tall at the Footboard and over THREE FEET HIGH at the Headboard Over 3 inches in Thickness
  • The Bed rolls easily on the Original Double Wooden Wheeled Castors (circa 1870-80)
  • Height:
  • Headboard; 80 inches 
  • Footboard; 45 inches
  • Width overall:  64 inches
  • Inside: 57" x 76"

Item fm9-26-7b   $6500

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