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Seeburg V200 Jukebox

ms10-3-14a - SOLD

  • Circa 1957
  • Near Mint Condition - As Nice as You'll Find!

•This Jukebox was the First to Have 200 Selections
•It Holds 100 45rpm Records and Plays 2 Sides Each
•One of the Flashiest Jukeboxes of All Time
•The Seeburg V200 was a Landmark in Jukebox History
•The First to Feature Electronic Memory and
•  First to Incorporate Dual Pricing
•Selectomatic V200 Coin Op
•Drum Rolls Into 5 Different Categories of Music
•This is the Most Collectible Jukebox Out There
•Comes With about 100 Records

 Height: 58"
 Width: 37"
 Depth: 27

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