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The Fairest Wheel Cigar Trade Stimulator

co5-14-15g - SOLD


The Fairest Wheel Cigar Trade Stimulator
$1,500 (Does not include oak stand)

  • Patented May 7th, 1895 by The Fairest Wheel Co. of Decatur, Illinois
  • All Oak, Featuring the Stunning Original Finish
  • A Nickel Dropped Into the Top Spins the Wheel - Gravity and Luck Determine Whether You Win One, Two or Three Cigars With Each Spin
  • Slug-Checker Window Below the Wheel Allows Operator to Ensure Real Currency Is Being Used
  • Slide Mechanism Allows Nickels to Drop Into the Bottom Coin Vault
  • Includes Original Oak Vault Rear Door and Key
  • Fabulous Conversation Starter and Collector's Showpiece

Height: 22 inches
Wheel Diameter: 14 inches

Base Depth: 5 1/4 inches
Base Length: 9 1/4 inches

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