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Williams Terminator 2 Judgement Day Pinball Machine

Item co2-1-14a - SOLD

  • Williams Electronic Games Inc.
  • Circa 1991
  • First Williams Pinball to Have the DMD 32 x 128 Dot Matrix Display
  • This Pinball is Incredible with Amazing Light and Sound Effects
  • Features Arnold Schwarzenegger's Actual Voice!
  • Amazing Graphics
  • 2 Flippers
  • 3 Pop Bumpers
  • 2 Ramps
  • 2 Kick-Out Holes
  • 1 Ball Cannon
  • Even Has Video Mode
  • First Game with a Swing Out Cannon Fired by Player
  • Left Outlane Kickback
  • Autoplunger
  • Vertical Up-Kicker Under Skull
  • Gun Instead of Plunger
  • This Pinball Machine is Great Fun!
  • Set for Autoplay but Can Be Switched
  • Adjustable Feet
  • 3 Balls per Game
  • 1 Play 25 cents, 4 Plays $1.00
  • Near Mint Restored Condition
  • According to several sources, due to pre-release secrecy around the Robert Patrick 'liquid metal' T-1000 character and the chance the game could be released prior to the film, the T-1000 character was not shown in the cabinet, playfield, and back glass artwork, except  for a small picture of actor Robert Patrick on a light shield. The DMD programming was finalized after the artwork, so the liquid T-1000 was already public knowledge, which allowed the character to be included in the display animation. When a player gets an extra ball, the DMD graphic stating to shoot again is a clip of the T-1000 opening a door and getting shot by Schwarzenegger with a shotgun.

    Height: 75"
    Width: 22"
    Depth: 52"

Item co2-1-14a

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