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Wurlitzer 800 Jukebox

Item ms6-29-12b  SOLD

  • Circa 1941
  • 24 Selections
  • Very Rare and Very Early
  • Original Plastics
  • The Wurlitzer Model 800 was the Largest and Most Impressive
      of the Wurlitzer Line Up to 1941, which Gave it Excellent Sound
  • Designed by Paul Fuller
  • Starting in 1941 Wurlitzer Started Making Unusual Cabinets
      so That They Were as Visually Entertaining as Possible
  • The First to Have Bubble Tubes Called "Liquid Fire" by Some
  • Outer Plastics Have Turning Colored Screens Inside Creating
      a Wavy, Flickering Effect
  • Mechanisms Completely Professionally Gone Through Top to Bottom
  • Cabinet in Near Mint Original Condition
  • Cabinet Made of Myrtle Burl and Matched Walnut Veneers
  • Hardwood Scuff-Proof Base*
  • Original Functioning Lock with Key
  • Functioning Coin Mechanism
  • Works and Plays Perfectly
  • S/N 1947601
  • Beautiful Cabinet!
  • A Real Collector's Piece and a Beautiful Accent to Any Home

     Height: 61"
     Width: 37"
     Depth: 27 3/4"

    Weight: 428 lbs
    Crated Weight: Approx. 560 lbs.

Item ms6-29-12b  Price: $12,500

* Some Content Attributed to:

Adams, Frank, "Wurlitzer Jukeboxes 1934-1974", p 37, 1983; AMR Publishing, Seattle, WA
Pearce, Christopher, "Vintage Jukeboxes-The Hall of Fame", p 24-25, 1988; Chartwell Books,Secaucus, New Jersey 

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